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8AM - 4PM


We are catering for outside events if you are in need of any yummy treats!!


Let us inspire you to create, together,  with our catering team, an unforgettable
food experience.
Plan your Summer patio party, an elegant wedding or any occasion
with our delectable
grazing boards

Platters & Boards

we take the hassle out of catering for your party, wedding or corporate function and bring a taste of South Africa to your event or party, put down the tongs and leave it all to us!

South African BBQ

We relish the challenge and create fabulous food for you, whether it is a formal meal  a moroccan feast or a good old South African BBQ


the best things come in small packages, and it’s no exception when it comes to our flavour-packed,
bite-sized morsels that are perfect for a party or event.
 You will be transformed by our one-bite wonders –
with canapés, presentation and bold flavour is everything!

Canapes & Bowl food

A Moroccan Feast is the perfect solution for a sharing table, large gathering or epic feast. Whether for a wedding or a corporate event, talk to us about our menu options

Morrocan feast

A selection of our most popular dishes from the Cape Restaurant. We bring you contemporary farm to table Cape style dining

The Cape Table

  Shared food together is increasingly more popular as we find less time to connect.
The Harvest table offers you a relaxed style of dining that appeals to all ages.

Harvest Table

With the trend moving towards raw food, the Cape, offers tantalizing raw vegan style of the most indulgent foods, salads & desserts

The Cape Raw, Plant & Vegan

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