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The Cape Raw,

Plant & Vegan

The Cape will take you on a discovery & experience of Raw and Vegan food that will surprise & delight you!

Whether catering for your party or your family contact us to discuss your requirements

The Menu

Spicy seeds and nuts, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, kale crisp bread or crackers


Mushroom carpaccio, pine nut cheese, truffle oil and lemon


Crispy oyster mushrooms served with a cape curry aioli or a fragrant tartar or Marie rose


Dolmathes with a coriander, tahini dressing and lemon oil, mint, dill and parsley salad


Natchos with, humus, cream cheese dip and guacamole


Micro green salad, walnuts, apples, prunes  with a green celery and apple shot


Green soup with a  lemon balm and papaya salsa


Yummy cape curry soup serve with onion and seed bread


Mushroom ravioli, creamy pistachio, tarragon sauce and a herb salad


Goats cheese ravioli, beet, basil cream sauce, pumpkin seeds


Butternut pasta, sage and truffle  cream sauce, dried tomato/apricot salad


Curry breyani stack coconut curry sauce


Braai platter, vegetable sosatie, bbq sauce, coleslaw, corn, vegetable chips, dill mayonnaise


Thai soup with lime oil


Watercress, courgettes noddles, sea vegetables, avocado, toasted coriander seeds with a coriander relish


Vegetable noodles, and coriander leaves sesame oil, black sesame and a tahini, lemon dressing

Radish, red pepper, courgettes, carrots, bok choy, spring onions, handful of coriander


Celeriac slaw, bean sprout, sesame slaw with sweet and sour skewers



Passion fruit mousse with lime coconut cream and pistachios


Smooth Chocolate tart, burnt honey almond and salted caramel


Ganache tart with superfood crust


Berry cheese cake served with fresh berries


Hazelnut fudge


Mint ice cream and  vanilla ice cream


Red bush ice cream with a mango coulis


Vanilla pannacotta


Raw Apple tart with vanilla ice cream

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