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The South African Braai

We take the hassle out of catering or your party, wedding or corporate function and bring a taste of South Africa to your event or party, put down the tongs and leave it all to us!

The Menu

                                            Traditional South African sausage. £7.50                                            
Cumberland Pork sausage x 2. £7.50
Lamb chops. £10.50
Chicken legs and thighs or chicken supremes on request marinated in

a cape barbecue sauce £8.00
Ribeye 6oz steak £12.00
Homemade hamburgers with buns, mustard, mayonnaise, salad and ketchup  £10.50

BREAD £3.50
1 x cape seed bread serves 10
Minimum order - 10 portions per dish
Cape Cold-slaw with Cape Malay spices and toasted cumin seeds £4.00
Large bowls of corn served with lime, chilli, coriander and butter sauce £5.00
Lettuce, beans, courgettes, walnut pesto and a bleu cheese dressing £4.50
Asparagus, beans, artichoke, chopped herbs,  lemon and olive oil Dressing £5.00
Spinach, bacon, hard boiled egg, croutons, avocado and yoghurt dressing £4.00
Char grilled Mediterranean vegetables with toasted pumpkin seeds

and a tahini dressing £5.00
Grilled courgettes, sliced mushrooms, truffle oil, lemon and Parmesan £5.00
Yellow rice and apricots, toasted almonds, sun dried tomato,

lemon, coriander, mint and toasted coconut £4.00
Roasted butternut, beetroot, basil and goats cheese £5.00
Roasted butternut with butter beans, fresh corn, chilli and a

herb dressing, basil leaves and feta £4.00
Roasted sweet potato, roasted apricots, toasted almonds and roasted almond oil £5.00
Mix leaf and herb salad £3.00

pavlova with summer berries. £100 serves 20+
Malva pudding and cream £3.00
Chocolate brownies £2.00

*All dishes are priced per portion


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